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How Much Should You Be Spending on Invoice Software For Freelancer?

In the perfects world, you pass an invoice  to the client and they  pays promptly. In the real world, this doesn’t always happen; clients may pay late, make partial payments or never pay at all.

Possibilities of making deals without damaging your cool by having payment policies . Although these are not necessarily lines drawn in the sand, they are rules that you follow most of the time.

A few issues to consider include:

  1. Forms of payment you will accept
  2. Whether you require down payments on big projects
  3. Frequency of invoicing
  4. Possibility of late-payment penalties
  5. Whether to continue working for the nonpaying client
  6. Whether full payment must be received before the final product is produced

Invoices are important.

As a freelancer, you juggle multiple clients and send out lots of invoices. To keep track, each invoice should be numbered. E-Invoice handles lots of numbering system; for manual invoices, create your own. A numbering system allows you to use the same numbers to track payments, nonpayments, and late payments.

Invoice software free for Freelancers?

For a small business owner need more time to upsurge his business. So Grandco introducing the new invoice software of Grandco E-Invoicing for the free trial version.

After a month you can subscribe to our Grandco Website.
a.  No setup fees.
b.  No PCI fees.
c.  No term contracts.

Grandco Pricing System includes 3 type of packages. First one is 30 day trial period, the Second one is Classic packages included of 100 clients, 100 invoices / 50 Recurring invoices, 2 Staff, SSL secured transaction, support-Email-support.The third one is a business package with a monthly subscription.

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