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Grandco E-Invoicing Beta Coming !!

Grandco E-Invoicing Beta Coming !!

It is a wise idea to evolve from ancient invoice system to online invoicing software.

In a matter of weeks we are planning to release the second version of our invoicing.

It will be in Beta test for some time, available to selected users. When we are sure we did not miss anything, we will release it to a broad public.

This article will serve as an original instruction to how it will work and what it will do plus our future vision. We are happy to listen to your comments and suggestions on the early stage.

Releases 2.0.1

We have recently updated Grandco E-Invoice software.

The new version 2.0.1 comes with some updates and fixes.

The changes are list as below.

1. Prices can be specified for multiple item batches. These prices will be used while invoicing those items.
2. Purchase Journal – multiple currency selection added.
3. Option added to update item rate from purchase order to item master data.
4. Option added to calculate amount on invoice using box quantity or total unit quantity.
5. Individual customer statement report – can be viewed for all customers at once.
6. User manager – a user can be restricted from using data from a particular company.
7. Performance improvement for Invoices Due report.
8. Bug Fix: Error on delivery note form if item batch printing is enabled.
9. Line discount can be specified as lump sum amount and as percent both.
10. Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Grandco E-Invoicing reduce the expense to the User/Clients

54% – Reduction in labor/processing costs

31% – Fewer lost or missing invoices

31% – Quicker approval processes

25% – Better visibility across the transaction lifecycle

For the sender

  • You no longer need to print, package and mail invoices
  • The invoice takes meager time to reach the recipient
  • You have extent control as Grandco E-invoices can be tracked and followed
  • Avoid storage of paper records.

For the receiver

  • No more scanning paper invoices
  • Such as due date, invoice number, amount, etc. will be entered accurately,
  • No need to scanning and manual entry
  • Correct and automated posting suggestions and proposals

New Release

Also, updated Grandco E-invoicing tool using this information, which includes:

  • Name of account
  • Telephone numbers
  • Address of communication for bank statements, invoices and receipts. It also includes contact information of people receiving such information.
  • Tax identification numbers
  • Name and contact details of your major customer representatives who are authorized to resolve billing issues or make purchases.

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