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Alpha Version of Grandco E-Invoicing

Grandco e-Invoicing is a common B2B application and has been part of the Electronic Data Interchange transactions for the last year on wards.

Benefits of E-Invoice for Clients:

  1. Convenience: Offering your customers a variety of payment types and the option of paying online gives them the freedom to choose when, where and how they pay.
  2. Influence of finances: Clients are adopt the option of online payments to cleared their bills in one comfort way or to get last minute bills paid on-time. With electronic invoicing, not only do they not have to mail the check, but customers can digitally monitor their banking activity.
  3. Notifications: Avoiding Penalty is easier when a activate the notifications sent out on or near the due date of a payment.
  4. Payment flexibility: Cash, check or charge? As with brick-and-mortar retail stores, customers want and need options that best fit their financial needs.

Utilizing on Debit, Credit cards and online transactions also.


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